I developed the new branding and visual design for Altis, a digital experience platform.


Client: Human Made/ Altis
Role: Branding, visual designer and illustrator

The result

Full color logo and color palette

Product illustration

Marketing and commercial illustrations

Landing page for Altis.com

Human Made, a WordPress agency, was about to launch its own product: A digital experience platform for WordPress and it needed a brand.

The context

Role: Branding, visual design and illustration. Lead the discovery and conceptualization process of the brand through ideation activities with the team and various rounds of sketching. I designed the logo, colour palette, and illustrations, and collaborated with the UI designer to build the design system of the platform.

We were starting a new product with an existing team. So we started the discovery process by investigating the ethos that our team aspired to create in this new product. We used the "Brand Archetype" framework to guide this conversation.

Initial explorations for the Altis brand

A slide from the brand archetype conversations with the team.

The process

The consensus was that the new product would be a "creative ruler". It would be a simplifier of chaos and would try to provide order and stability while maintaining a free, innovative spirit.

After a lot of conversations and experimentation, we arrived at the name "Altis" and we defined that the main concept behind the brand was controlled flow. Thus we used organic lines in clean, arrangements.

Guiding principle

Explorations of the idea of "controlled flow"