I am Camila, a product designer and researcher with over 8 years of experience, currently based in San Francisco.

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UX research | UX design | Content design

How might we support the mental wellbeing of university students?

UX research & design | Behavioral design

From app to action

How might we help users apply what
they learn onscreen when they are out and about?


Product design | Product management | Branding

How might we help users get from
newbie to working-data-scientist?


How might we communicate and transmit the
power of a digital experience platform?

Visual design | Branding

Branding [coming soon]

I have worked with multiple small clients helping them name their brands and create visual identities.

Visual design | Branding

More projects.

This website is new, so only my most recent projects are showcased here for now. To see older work, illustrations and an arts education project I led, go here.